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Dad moving from USA to EU - Can no longer get Hydrocodone - Need Help!!

I am in the process of relocating my father from the USA to the EU, we were initially going to land in one country and have had to change at the 11th hour.  The problem I have is that Hydrocodone is seemingly not available anywhere in the EU.

He currently takes x1 Hydrocodone 10/325 as needed (every 4-5hrs) and Gabapentin 300mg at the same time.  This is for a spinal fusion (neck) almost two decades ago.  

In EU-Country #1, he was put on x2 Dafalgan 500/30, which really messed him up.  He dropped it down to x1, but even after 5-6 days, he was still unable to function correctly.  As he described it, he was not in control of his motor functions, and even attempting to take the dog for a walk was a difficult process - almost unable to even keep his balance.  Because we had excess meds from the states and knew we would be changing countries, we went back to his original Rx and waited until arrival in EU-Country #2.  

Today I visited an International Hospital in EU-Country #2 while going through the process of getting him registered, insured, and with a GP.  I was told again that HC was not available and instead prescribed Dolocatil 325/15.  Also a codeine product.  I was told this time that he should replace the HC with the Dolocatil as a drop-in replacement and is unlikely to notice any difference -- this I am /highly/ skeptical of.  I will be filling this Rx here in about an hour or so.  

My question is - if/when this does not work out - what should I do?  He's been on HC for the better part of 20 years. He's elderly and has a "mostly" normal life (minus obvious stuff) when on his meds.  

Two countries now, and I've spoken with very lackadaisical doctors that think the google results of HC -> Codeine math are a simple answer, and we all part ways with happy days

Alternative, homeopathy, patches, etc etc.  are not viable options for him.  If the codeine replacement ends up being incompatible with his system/ability to function - can you recommend me with options to bring to a medical professional, please?

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Hi, maybe talking to your local pharmacist regarding options might help.
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Unfortunately, because HC is not a drug that they know, most revert back over to Google or peddle the 'this is xxx/xx, so it'll be the same thing' - and even more often, they go straight to the "have you tried patches" "have you tried massages" etc etc :/

I found a doc at an international hospital yesterday who seemed at least willing to be interested and help.  I'm just hoping that this version of codeine blend works - otherwise - I'm likely looking at weeks/months of an elderly man who will be miserable, or worse, sick.  

we shall see ..
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