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Dehydrated, fatigue, diarrhea

For the past 48 hours, I have experienced stomach cramps, gas, extreme fatigue, and diarrhea. For the dehydration, I have been taking in a lot of water, and for the fatigue I've been resting a lot. I think the origin of this is because of some bad Chinese food I ate as my symptoms started occurring about 4 hours after my meal. I have a dr.s appointment Monday. But is this something really serious that I should go to e ER?
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Hi, I hope your diarrhea has subsided by now? By your symptoms and rapid onset and type of food it was probably Staph food poisoning or perhaps Bacillus cereus. It is usually self limiting and if you have been drinking you will get better. If you can't drink and haven't gone into the ER I would by now. They will rehydrate you and do a culture. I just got this post so I hope you are better.
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its normal to feel this crappy if thats going on   get some gatorade, keep drinking water,  tmro do the brat diet  bannanas, rice(plain), applesauce, and tea  hopefully that will get you back on track,  and as long as you keep drinking water it will move quicker  and sometimes pepto bismal helps your tummy feel like its not going to blow up,   if you can push on your skin and it pops back up i dont think your to dehydrated but if it doesnt then go to the hospital ,  gatorade and water  and saltines  (because the salt will help you retain water) good luck dear
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In addition to the extra water, you may want to try drinking something like Gatorade, which will help not only replenish fluid, but also essential electrolytes that you lose with diarrhea.

It really depends on how dehydrated you are as to whether you should go to the ER - how much diarrhea are you having?  Are you having any dizziness, heart pounding, etc.?  Are your mucous membranes, mouth and throat really dry?  If yes to any of these, then I would say yes, a trip to the ER might be a good idea.  Dehydration can actually cause nausea too, so it can be a vicious cycle - you don't want to eat/drink because you're nauseas and you get dehydrated because you're not eating/drinking so you get more nauseated.

also, if you're having blood in your diarrhea, I would definitely make a trip to the ER, especially since you feel the cause of your illness is food borne.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Yeas and no,

it depends, but people do die from dehydration you know.
So a trip to the ER would not hurt you i suppose.
Better safe than sorry.
In fact such conditions can point out to some nasty stuff.
Hospitalization is often required.
Sash83 at the Open Consult Portal Europe.
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