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Did I catch this bacterial infection from kissing someone?

Hi there I have been diagnosed with a bacterial infection and swollen glands and have been prescribed antibiotics. I was wondering if it was possible that I caught it from kissing someone, and if so, will I still be able to kiss them?
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Hello~It is possible, but I think it would take a few days to show up. You may have had this "virus" for a few days already, and it would have shown up irregardless if you had kissed her or not. I would see your doctor and get on an antibiotic for it.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I would say that viruses transfer very easy.  What happens a lot with people that get a virus like a cold or sore throat is that they get a secondary infection that is bacterial after the fact.  All those things with "itis" in it like sinusitis, bronchitis, etc.  Pneumonia is another. They are secondary infections in that the person was sick first and because say mucus gets trapped in the airway, it festers, bacteria grows.  Yuck, right?  Then you need antibiotics.  Other things like strep throat is contagious. Strep and staph are two contagious bacterias. Hope you feel better.
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Have you tested with Monospot or mononucleosis? Though it's a viral thing called "kissing disease" and with swollen lymph nodes.Very common among teenagers and usually resolves without treatment.
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You can get bacterial infections just about anywhere - some are transmitted by water particles in air (someone coughing or sneezing on you), by touching something that has bacteria on it and then touching your mouth or nose, or kissing someone.  The ways that bacterial infections can be transmitted are endless.

Don't kiss anyone until you have taken the antibiotics for a few days and your lymph nodes are no longer swollen.  If you didn't get it from someone by kissing, you could pass that infection on to that person by kissing them, which isn't very nice.
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