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Do I have myoclonic epilepsy or MS? How do I know if it's seizures?

So, I've had myoclonic jerks for 1.5 years by now. I have other symptoms as well:

- twitching of muscles
- tingling left side of face on/off
- night cramps in legs
- random "pains"

I've had one episode where my muscles jerked multiple times in a row. Usually it's just a single jerk, then it's gone.

I've had a one hour EEG and brain MRI that didn't show anything. My neuro always believed there was nothing wrong with my, and these tests were mostly for my "peace of mind", since I developed health anxiety.

Today, I forgot my pin code to my phone. The one you use to unlock it after it has been turned off. I've had this phone for 2 years, and turn it of regularly. But I failed to remember the first 2 numbers, even though it's usually no problem.

This "loss of short term memory" sparked my anxiety thinking, I might have epilepsy after all.

I've also worried quite a bit about MS, since I never have had a spinal MRI.

I just got a new referral to a neuro, but it will probably take 3-4 months before I get to see one.
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Hello~Many folks, including myself, will have brief periods where we will forget what we normally do all the time, it is actually normal, plus, if you are under stress, this can make the matter worse as your body is releasing cortisol and cortisol can play havoc with your memory. Also, if you have a lot on your mind, it will sometimes only choose to remember things that are important and just push every day memories to the back. Again, normal.

I have health anxiety at times as well, and I know when I am really obsessing over health, then my memory takes a vacation and then I worry more, so, it is a vicious circle. Let me ask, do you by any chance have Fibromyalgia, if so, that, too, can cause the brief memory lapses, it is called fibro fog, I have that as well.

I would try not to worry about MS, I know it is difficult not to, especially when "Dr Google" gives you a list of symptoms that you may have, again, I speak from experience and try not to look up too much or it starts a chain reaction of worry, fear, etc. Ask your GP if it is possible to see a neuro sooner as you are very concerned or try to make an appointment yourself, again, for the peace of mind.

I hope you feel better soon.
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