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Do i have bad circulation in my knees?

For some reason on 20 degree days (and others, not over 28 degree days i think) my knees (only my knees) are cold to the touch. I don't notice their cold until i touch them. Does this mean i have bad circulation? If so, how do i fix this?

Extra: When i go running (i do stretches before and after) when i stop running i notice my legs at the knees and front of my ankles are pink, but the rest is 'normal' skin tone. Would this be a side effect of bad circulation?

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There is a way for you to check your extremity circulation.  Find your pulse on the top of your feet, just down about an inch or two is where you will most likely find it.  That is called your dorsalis pedis pulse, and if you can feel it, count it for one full minute, checking for regularity, strength of it, and note if your feet are colder to the touch.  Do the same on the other side.  Then feel for your radial pulse, on both sides, which typically is found either in the middle of your wrist or even at your wrist area, but more on the thumb side.  If those numbers that you counted are the same, and have the same strength, there typically is no circulatory issue there.  You may also be able to check for your pulse behind your knee, right about the middle of it.  Perform the same things as for your feet.  If you are able to feel a difference in the strength of the pulse, or if the numbers aren't matching up, you may have a problem.  In most MDs offices, they have a hand held doppler, which is a transducer that is used like with ultrasounds but you wont have a video of it.  They can use that and check blood pressures on each extremity and do a comparison that way.  Good luck, and I hope all turns out well for you!
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No it does not mean you have poor circulation. Since your knees are pretty much just skin over bone, that area will get and feel colder than the rest of your legs. It is normal for this to happen and there is really nothing that can be done about it.
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