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Does edenulism cause sinus problems?

Been toothless for 15 years.... can't wear dentures
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That is a great question, really.  Very interesting.  But teeth issues can indeed cause sinus issues.  This is a documented phenomena .  So it would stand to reason that issues that have caused your teeth to fall out would, therefore, also affect your sinuses. Wondering if you don't still have some immflamation in your gums even without teeth that is connected to sinus issues now?  Good question for your doctor!  Or maybe even a dentist if you still could go to one.
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Haven't been to dentrist since all my teeth were extracted
That makes sense.  So, talk to your doctor then.  Sorry about the teeth extraction.  I'm sure this impacts you greatly to have no teeth.  What do you do for eating?
Love to cook...I get by... Arab Ramadan dish Haleem ideal..spiced meat and grain porridge
Oh good!  :>)))  Come to the healthy cooking forum here and share your recipes! I love trying new things.  And glad that you are able to eat fine.  
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Hello~I think I would ask an orthodontist, I know that issues with teeth can affect sinuses, but I am not sure if it is possible without teeth.
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