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Extremely ill but doctors won't help

Hi so I've been sick for about 6 months now. Hopelessly fatigued, dizzy, shallow breathing, and so much more. My establishing primary doubted I was sick because my blood work came back negative. He said if I have trouble breathing to go to the ER and follow up with a doctor of another clinic. I have another appointment with the prior clinic but I'm afraid they'll say the same thing. This is the 5th doctor I've seen. I feel like we're in the stone age and the next thing they're going to say is trepanation. What do you do if your own doctors won't help? I'm so tired and I can't research on my own.

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I am so sorry you are feeling so badly and that the doctors won't listen to you are help. I have been in similar situations myself and it is so frustrating. I would like to first ask, have you had the Covid Vaccination? The reason I ask is because many folk are having similar issues and it is due to the Pfizer mRNA side effects, unfortunately, it is not publicized so many folks do not know why they are sick and when they tell the doctor, they think they are lying.

If there are any good Naturopaths in your area, I would try to see one of them, they will listen and go into detail as to what they think is wrong and work out a program for you of vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet, etc. When I was living back home in the states, my primary doctor was a Naturopath and she helped me so much, actually more than a GP.

Another thought is to see a chiropractor, now, this may sound odd, but with some cases of dizziness and shallow breathing, you can have some mis-aligned vertebrae in your spine pressing on some nerves that also radiate to the neck, thus causing the symptoms. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try one. He/she will take some x-rays, study them and then go over the results with you and set up a plan, after a few treatments, many folk start to feel better.

I hope that you will be able to get these issues taken care, it is miserable to feel that way and to have no health care professional believe you.
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Thank you, I will look for some naturopaths.
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Well,  that seems really helpful.  If you google does sugar intake cause difficulty breathing,  it seems you may have bouts of very high blood sugar,  which would cause all your symptoms. Have you done a glucose tolerance test?  It sounds like you now have at least something to go on,  that may be causing your problems.

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Do you crave salt and salty foods,  JLuna?  
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No, sugar and lots of it. I have however totally stopped any processed sweets and I'm even avoiding fruit as I notice difficulty breathing after eating it.
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When you say "so much more",  what are the other symptoms you're experiencing?  Fatigue and dizziness can be so many things - do you have symptoms that are not so common to many disorders?
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Well for one I sleep about 14 (16 hours recently) hours a day which is 6 hours more than normal, extreme irritability, heart thumping and starting to hurt, terrible feeling in my head that sometimes turns into a headache, disorientated, trouble concentrating, I mean they're all symptoms that fit into so many things hence my prior vagueness about them. It just feels like my body is a warzone. I'm mainly concerned with finding professional care as you can only do so much online.
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