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On September 3rd I noticed that I was very tired and had a lot of body aches. On September 5th I all of a sudden woke up with 6 little bumps with clear liquid filled heads. I was told by a doc at my work to take Atarax and go home. On September 10th I woke up with 10 more of the same spots that were around my belly button, in a little cluster on my back and a few sparatically on my arms. On September 11th, I went to my PCP to see if I had chicken pox and inspect the rash/lesions. Chicken pox was negative and she isnt sure what else it could be since I have not been exposed to anything like scabies or fleas, chiggers, etc. It is now September 21st and my legs each have about 30 little spots my abdomen has 8, my back has about 5, my arms each have about 6 and I cannot take this itching anymore. I am nearly out of Atarax and oatmeal baths, keeping cool, baking soda compresses, hydrocortisone, calamine etc have all been ineffective. Just on my way home from work I noticed 3 new ones on my forearm.

I am allergic to sulfa but have not been into contact with that. I have a kitten that has had check ups and frontline.
No new soaps, lotions, etc.
I am young (twentys) and do not have any other health problems besides arthralgia.

The best I can describe these are that they are anywhere from a pin sized to a pinky nail size. They pop up randomly but mostly in groups. Sometimes there are arranged in a line but not always. They appear red at first and then acquire the little fluid filled tops that are very tiny. Then they pop ( or get scratched) and they begin to scab and go away leaving scars.

CBC panel came back all in range.

Anyone with any advice or clue as to what this is would be much appreciated. I cannot miss anymore work.
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Has your doctor checked if it's Keratosis?
I suggest seeing a dermatologist.
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sounds like u hav picked up demodex...not ur native ones...everyone has their own...but a nasty one that seems 2 be making us all a mess...ur immune system isn't doing very well.....for tiredness...1000iu d3, 500mg magnesium and 500 mg calcium..twice daily...u can up the d3 to 2000iu short term...then adjust. ur kitty might have picked up demodex from people exposure...then u picked them up...permethrin (yes insecticide) cream...right away...catch this early..or u will be verrrrry sorry....God bless.
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Take an antihistamine only for the itch. This sounds like chicken pox to me. It is difficult to think what else it might be.
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if it's chicken pox, Stay a way from woman that might be pregnant!!
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