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Fainting Spells

I have had two fainting spells over the past 5 years where my hands and feet start to tingle before it happens as well as the feeling I have to frequently blinkand my neck feels like it needs to crack, it happened once when I was driving, I pulled over thank god.. After it happens I also have ringing in my ears and sort of the feeling in my head that I was hit with a bat.  I have noticed it comes when I have high anxiety or stress. I usually get the worst anxiety around the time just before I start my menstrural cycle, I can confirm that this was the case it happend with the second one.

I have told my Dr about this and she just brushed it off. I have recently been experiencing a lot of stress and my toes have been very cold and tingling but only in my toes, my feet are warm and I have full feeling. I have asthma and am on breo now and spiriva, I was taking no control medication the first time it happened (2014) and on advise the second time (2018). I am concerned it will happen again soon, any idea on what it could be?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thanks for your question.  We are glad you saw your doctor about this but it is unfortunate that they did not fully evaluate you.  That's often a good time to seek the help of a new doctor in terms of switching your care to someone else entirely or going for a second opinion.  There are a number of reasons why this could be happening and a full physical as well as mental health evaluation is important.  

Things to consider https://www.medicinenet.com/orthostatic_hypotension/article.htm.  While this seems simple, this is vey common to have dehydration that leads to this fainting issue and other symptoms you describe.  Anemia is another common culprit. Medication can cause it and you would want to make sure the meds you are on are not contributing in any way. And vasovagal syncope can happen under great emotional duress.  You mention stress and anxiety.  

First you will want to rule out any physical issues creating this health concern for you and if there is no determination that there is a physical cause, then begin looking at emotional or mental health reasons.  Could you, for instance, be having a panic attack?  https://www.medicinenet.com/panic_disorder/article.htm

I would recommend working with a doctor sooner rather than later with the issues of falling if walking and this happens or driving!  That can be very dangerous.  Let us know how things turn out.
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Hello~I highly recommend seeing another doctor, perhaps a neurologist, it is always a good idea to have issues of this nature looked into. I am wondering if this even could be a form of epilepsy, it can present itself in some strange ways. Again, however, only a physician can give you the answers you need.
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