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Feeling sensations in my head.

For about a week now. I have been experiencing sensations in my head.  It is kind of hard to define. But i guess i would say some pressure or even sometimes feels like a brief movement sensation is how i define it. I feel as though it is mostly the middle left side of my head. But i would say its not always in one spot but, mostly it is. Now thus far. To the best of my observations. I have not been feeling dizzy, nauseous, vomiting, numbness in my limbs, no vision issues. The most its done so far, is being uncomfortable and not the greatest thing for when i sleep. But i still manage to get a night sleep. I saw my family doctor yesterday. And she claimed it was do to my ear. I did go to asia about two months ago. And i was told by a doctor that i had an allergic reaction that caused my left ear to be completely blocked. She told me as soon as i land back in north america. Get that sorted out. By the time i landed my ear had opened up to the point that i could hear again. So i didnt bother getting it checked out. So my doctor told me my head sensations is most likely do to that. As she told my ear was full of wax and clogged up still. I asked if i should get an mri but she said -no you are still young that is lots of radiation. You should be worried if you have vision issues or vomiting. So i got all that junk out of my ear that same day by a nurse. Now my question is. If it is simply do to the ear issue. How long would it take for the head sensations to reduce or leave? It's the next day and i still feel some sensations. Ill keep you posted. Thanks.
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Glad you saw your doctor.  That's important.  So, what about this . . . trying to understand what you are describing.  But, we have all sorts of attached and interacting musculature on our skull.  If one area is tight, it can cause a pulling, pinging sensation. ? Or what about migraines, headaches in general?  Does anything relieve this like ibuprofen?  

What is your fear in terms of what is going on?

I've had inner ear issues. For me, they almost always come with dizziness.  Also that sense of fullness and a bit of hearing loss.  Is that what you are having too?  Or what you had in Asia making you go to the doctor?  
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Well I went to my doctor do to the head sensations. It got to the point where I wanted to get it checked out. As for the ear thing. I have not even thought about it until I went for the head thing. Since my ear opened to the point that I could hear out of it again. I just forgot about it and went back to work. And its weird I would not consider the sensations a headache. But strange uncomfortable  sensations. I got my ear cleaned out so I'm just like ok when do these head sensations go away if it was just my ear. It's been about 3 days.  Well I think for most who have been dealing with sensations for a period of time want to make sure they don't got a tumor or something going on up there. Since the brain Is very important.  I'm thinking of getting a second opinion.
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Hello~I hope that by now the issue has cleared up.

As far as too much radiation from an MRI, that is not true.  Because radiation is not used, there is no risk of exposure to radiation during an MRI procedure.

If you are still having issues, I suggest maybe seeing a chiropractor as you may have some pinched nerves in your neck causing the trouble. He/she will take some x-rays, discus them with you and make a treatment plan for you, after a few adjustments, if this is what is causing the trouble, you should start to feel better quickly.
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