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Fell asleep in chair hand held head up now hand wont move and is tingly

Fell asleep hand held head up in my chair 3-4 days later i can'ty move my hand up or my fingers / thumb, tingly feeling numbness feeling from thumb fingers to almost elbow looks like near tyhe wrist is also swelling alittle even if i use other hand to move my hand upward i cant hold there.  Thumb feels the most tingly numbness also thumb barley moves in any direction, what on earth could it be? sometimes pain in the wrist..... can't squeeze anything hard.... i probably should go to the walk-in clinic but it costs a pretty penny....
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Hands held head up, for more than 15 mins compromises the circulation to the upper limb, which triggers such symptoms. But if your hand or armpit has been compressed against head or if you have been holding to some grip ( like grasping chains of a adult cradle or hanging chairs),numbness is the first symptom which will last from few hours to days. Compression or elevated hand may cause muscular contraction or rigidity/spasms, neurological compromise or circulatory compromise, which will be a risk factor to develop carpal tunnel syndrome at wrist and compression at cervical vertebrae,axilla, brachial plexus may be involved. Conditions like Radial Neuropathy (Saturday Sickness), Cubital tunnel syndrome, olecrenon compartment compromise, Myalgias, Peripheral Neuropathy should be considered. However, current symptoms are not typical for considering you into above mentioned conditions. So relax and do not be worried.

This is not a pathological condition, and it can be managed with medicine and physical exercises. Condition might me improved with shoulder exercises, elbow/ wrist exercises with a home visiting physiotherapist.

They include,

1. Shoulder/ Head and Neck- rotating head slowly,rotating shoulders while your elbows are bent touching shoulder muscles, complete rotation of shoulders with hands wide open, moving hands close to the body and away from body as in physical drill exercise,
2.Elbow and Upper Arm- trying to pull a looped towel/rope held under feet, frequent shaking of hands, jiggling all the upper arm from shoulder to fingers, leaning against hands as if they bear the weight, Bending elbows, while holding wrist against force while lying down, rotating arms held high while lying down as if you are drawing a circle in air.

3. Wrists/ fingers -rotating wrists, grasping a soft ball and squeezing it, squeezing plain sand, rotating two balls or stones while holding them in palm, sequential opening and closing of palms like clenching and loosing it, as if you are holding a cup, lifting water bottle etc, opposing the thumb with each finger, rubber band extension held between thumb and every finger.

Do these exercises, in sets counting from 5- 20 reps, slowly while not trying too hard or excessively straining  depending on the difficulty while taking pain/tingling/numbness sensation into consideration. Continue until the desired part is moving freely. If this does not help in two days, take an appointment with any attending Orthopedician or physiotherapist, to help you. The key is to provide adequate rest and healing time for the arm to recover. Pain medications and anti inflammatory, muscle relaxants, gaba stimulators, hot water bath, not repeating the same situation will take away any risk of progressing the condition.

But getting evaluated by a Doctor is necessary if the symptoms do not subside, despite of any remedy, is necessary.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated. Get well soon!
thanks for the advice i acctuallyt have been doing some exercises like haty since the day after to no avail yet and now my thumb is changing color i think i may go to the walk in clinic today i guess i must but thank again
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