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Foot pain and Numbness

A few years ago, I started having ball of foot pain whenever I would stand too long.  It started to hurt every time I would walk long distances and would feel like I had my socks bunched up under my toes.  It graduated to constant ball of foot pain with numbness in the ball of foot and toes with tenderness between the metatarsal bones on both feet.  Has anyone ever had this or currently has the same symptoms?  I have been to my GP who thinks it is a foot issue.  I have an appointment with an Orthopedic, but could not get an appointment until April.  Was just wondering what anyone did to reduce the pain and numbness.  I do have tight leg muscles, but stretching just seems to make the numbness worse.  Ice and ibuprophen helps, but is tearing up my stomach.  Any words of wisdom or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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You might try a podiatrist.  They are doctors that specialize in feet.  You might have bunions or spurs that a "foot doctor" could be more familiar with.  Good luck.
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Thank you for your response!  I will try that.  Life is just terrible when you have pain in both feet!  
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Look up plantar fascitis. See if stretching your calves out every day (a tight calf muscle can pull up on the band and make the pain worse) and get a lacrosse ball and rub it up and down the arch of your foot while pausing on painful spots (and it WILL hurt) and do the same thing with tight spots on your calves while sitting on the ground. Maybe this will help.
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There are special shoe inserts that they will order that cost a fortune my husband mom and sister all had them made for their feet they did not help any of them. They were all dx with arthritis and bone spurs in their feet. Told to take meds for inflammation (motrin,  etc)dtold to lose weight and wear shoes that held feet together expensive tennis shoes like Adidas. And that was about it.
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I finally did get an appt with an Ortho, I am diagnosed with Morton's Foot.  I have to wear inserts, take prescription anti inflammatories and do foot exercises.  We'll see how this goes!
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