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Getting worried now

I am 30 and 140 lbs. Don't drink, smoke, and physically active (or was).

I do have anxiety and digestive problems (belching and bloating). I also suspect that I've had a hiatal hernia for several years now because I go through 3-10 day long bouts where my abdomen is bloated and I have trouble breathing. Lots of pressure near the diaphragm and heart palps. This comes and goes but I've never addressed it appropriately, I just take enzymes and other supplements sparingly. I figure if it was my heart I'd be dead, so I'll live with it. I had an ultrasound and chest x-ray but I found out those are useless for hiatal hernia detection.

Now a new problem has arisen that I suspect is related to my gut. I had a headache for a month straight. It's above my right ear and it's a dull pressure. Makes me feel dazed. When I had it though I didn't have any problems from my neck down during that time. I remember thinking that was nice at least. A month long with no "hiatal hernia" episodes was a huge win in my book. Well the headache went away one night and that very night I woke up with heart palps, bloating, chest pain, the works. I noticed from the neck up I had no problems. After 3 days my abdominal issues subsided this afternoon and now this evening the headache is back. So right now I am breathing good and all that tension has left my abdomen, heart is beating fine. But I have this annoying headache again on the right side and dizziness. These things are just switching places with each other now. I can't believe what's going on.

Ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, ACV, trigger point release, hydrogen peroxide in my ears, chiropractor adjustment, increased water intake, aspirin, trace minerals, multivitamin, fish oil..... none of this has gotten rid of the headache. I've never had a headache like this if that is what you wanna call it.

Does anyone have any idea what is the cause of this? There's gotta be a gut-brain connection here.  
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Headaches are rare in my family. My mother didn't mention having a headache. I mean I had to be severely magnesium deficient to have two very mild migranes that didn't need a pain killer. O_o lol You can have headaches from any number of deficiency states though so it's possible a deficiency state is causing your headache. Just something to consider.
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Thanks for that. Did she have headaches too?

I started taking ACV before meals as this helps produce stomach acid, but I will try HCL. I did put magnesium oil under my armpits the other day and it made me super sleepy, which is good because that means it works. Hopefully over time that corrects my heart issues.

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My mother has a hiatus hernia but she doesn't suffer reflux when she takes betaine HCL with pepsin supplements to increase stomach acid along with digestive enzyme supplements to help with digestion. She also needs magnesium if levels drop (anything from stress to sugar lowers magnesium) as low levels are another cause of reflux.

My mother had a long list of health conditions due to taking nexium (which lowered her already low stomach acid) such as severe anxiety, severe clinical depression, seriously high blood pressure, chronic systematic fungal infections, deficiency states. If you want good health, you need a good amount of stomach acid.

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