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Great toe of left foot won't bend; mild pain

I didn't fall; nothing dropped on toe.  Crossing the street yesterday I picked up speed a little before the traffic light turned.  Felt a pain in big toe.  No discoloration, if there is any swelling it is slight.  Toe only bends slightly and is sensitive about 20 hours later.  Mild pain.  Never had anything like this before.  What is it?  
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Hello~I would say that you probably dislocated it a little as you were picking up speed to cross the street. I would put on alternating cold and hot packs on the area for a day or two, each for approximately 15 minutes, do this 3 or 4 times a day, and, if it doesn't improve see a podiatrist. It is more than likely nothing to worry about, in fact, it could even be a minor spasm that doesn't want to release.
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Thank you for replying.  I decided to see a traumatologist.  X-ray showed no break or pulled tendon etc.  Dr did not believe arthritis or gout but to be totally sure suggested I do a blood test for uric acid.  Haven't done that yet.

No conclusive diagnosis but doctor agreed that dislocation is possible.  Told to take anti inflammatory.  Since seeing doctor there is a slight red horizontal line about mid way down toe and slight redness on side.  Dr said toe was somewhat swollen.  Toe still doesn't bend much and pain only if I bump it or get up the wrong way.  

Being a worrier, I'm worried.  

Thanks again.
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What about trying an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen? That would perhaps give you a little comfort and reduce any internal swelling, relieve any pain.  You may have just jammed it without knowing.  Also, check your shoes.  The biggest issue for toe pain are our shoes.  Having shoes with plenty of room for toes is important. If it gets bad, a corticosteroid shot for the toe will help most likely.  Here's some information on this type of arthritis in the toe or stiff toe.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/14665-hallux-rigidus
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Thanks.  The pain is only a problem when I move too fast or the wrong way which happened once today.  I'll try the ibuprofen.  Wasn't aware that that could reduce swelling.  Shoes are not the issue.  As I am overseas now and uninsured here I am a bit reluctant to going to more doctors.  Not knowing exactly what the problem is bothers me!  Thanks for your concern.  
Situation is about the same - no pain but can't bend the toe much.  What sort of specialist should I see?  Thanks.  
I'd go see a podiatrist.  They are often surgery happy (want to do it) but they do know feet best.  Either that or an orthopedic doctor.  Let us know what they say!
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