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Half my nail is coming off. Do I need to see a doctor?

My finger nail was crushed and halfway down the nail bed, the nail is torn and slightly poking into the cuticle. The nail is still attached to my skin at the top of the nail and in the bed at the bottom. This happened last night and my finger is slightly numb, swollen, and there is a lot of what looks like discharge (oily?). It’s been lightly bleeding. I can move my finger and curl it slightly with some pain. Do I need to go to urgent care or can this be taken care of at home? If I’m able to post a picture somewhere, please let me know.
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Hello~Unless it is a real emergency, I would not go to urgent care right now.

I would try putting some ice on the area, and also a bandage to keep your finger immobile and to prevent from doing anymore damage to the nail. Taking an OTC pain reliever might help as well.
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ouch!  Have done this and it hurts!!  I bandage it with a band aid and try not to move the nail that is hanging becomes detached.  Do you think you broke your finger?  Ibuprofen can help with swelling and you could ice it.  
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So, as to going to urgent care.  Right now, I wouldn't go unless you absolutely have to.  You don't want to walk into a place where sick people are going right now in order to protect yourself from covid-19.  
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