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Hard, deep, not movable lump on left side of lower back

Some time ago I noticed my partner has a hard, deep and not movable lump on the left side on his lower back. I noticed it when giving him a massage. He has a subtle raised area that's not present on his right side. I'm not sure if it's circular or a bit elongated.
He does feel it, when I pressed it. It's deep down, not superficial. He said it felt like electric jolts more than it feels tender. He does not notice it in his everyday life. It's not really painful.
Besides that, he has something that crackles underneath the skin on the side of the lump. Feels like air, but that can't be?

It's been there for months propably, and I don't think it has grown bigger. But it does concern me. Especially since he won't see a doctor about it.
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Hello~It is my opinion that he definitely needs to see his GP, I feel that lumps should never be ignored, especially if they are unmovable, I don't want to frighten you, but many times when the lump is not moveable, it can mean possible cancer. Please persuade your boy friend to see his GP, it many be nothing but a calcified nodule, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
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Bare, he's 24
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