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Headache, possible infection, fever/chills on/off

Hey guys, so this will be a long post, sorry in advance I just want to be specific in hopes of getting help. It's also long because I'm creating a timeline of when I developed what symptoms. Before I start though I want to add in the weird, more unrelated symptom because well, it could be totally unrelated to the bigger picture.

So my headache. Pretty persistent for the last 7 days it started when I cracked my neck which I usually do for tension and pain relief, also seems to do funny thing to the fever ie. if I crack my neck to one side sometimes the fever will only be present on that side, or one side and my forehead.

Hey everyone, hoping to grab some advice or additional healing tactics (:

So 3 and a half weeks ago I had my first tattoo started, everything seemed clean and I did my best with after care. It seemed fine up until a few days ago. Since then here is a sort of time line of what has happened:

1: my tattoo has remained scabbed and itchy pretty much since I got it. It is located on my foot and I had been told that it would take longer to heal in general so wasn't concerned.

2. About 6 days ago I noticed that the area around my tattoo was red, this area goes all the way around the tat and extends about 1 cm out in each direction. The tattoo gets pretty itchy if I rub it accidentally now. However no other symptoms, no pain. Noticed slightly swollen lymph nodes next day.

3. 3 days ago I got a sudden fever, along with chills off and on, swollen lymph nodes. No other symptoms or pain. No change in tattoo.

4. 3 days ago I talked to a doctor and a tattoo artist. The artist said it might be an allergic reaction or staph. I showed the doctor the tattoo and he said probably staph, and I was given antibotics. (Kerflex) still no change in tattoo.

5. Yesterday and today I still have fever on and off, chills, swollen lymph nodes and I have now developed a cough... A sort of tickle in my throat. No change in tattoo, no heat, no pain, ect. However I noticed the fever and chills and cough seems to start around 5pm and go until the morning.. Then I'm okay for the day aside from the headache.

I know I have only been taking the antibiotics for 3 days, however I'm just looking for advice could this be somethin more severe? Meningitis? A worse infection? Hoping maybe someone has had a similar experience or just has some extra knowledge to share.

Thanks in advance for any answers, I really appreciate them... and of course if my 7 day run with the antibotics does nothing or I get suddenly much worse I will seek medical attention (:

Thanks again, will try to answer any other questions to best of my knowledge!

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Sounds like you are getting a bad infection from the procedure, if it does not clear up soon, see the GP again for more tests and different antibiotics.

As to your neck, it is not a good idea to crack it yourself. I highly recommend a good, chiropractor, this is their line of "expertise" and they can get it in and help keep it in the safe way.
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It usually takes about 3 days for an antibiotic to kick in and as you have got much worse, it may be worth speaking with your doctor again.

The best way to identify any infection from the tattoo is to have a swab taken.

It may also be a good idea for your doctor to take do  blood test to identify the bacteria so that you could be prescribed with the appropriate antibiotic to treat the specific bacteria that you may have.

It may also the that the chills etc are caused by a virus and it may just be coincidental in relation to you having had the tattoo.  I would still see your doctor with regard to the fact that the swelling has not gone down on your tattooed foot and would ask for a swab to be taken.

If it is a virus, then an antibiotic will not help and you will need to be patient with rest and plenty of drinks.

Although it is fine to do stretch exercises on your neck, I agree with SassyLassie that any manipulation should be done by a specialist.
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Just made a Tattoo with lots of ink and I feel fever but I think this is normal after all what is a tattoo? Is a wound, with a strange thing in the organism.
This is a tattoo...we choose this, we have to accept this and suck it...I will tattoo all my arm as this ....I don't mind
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