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Hello, I want to ask abut a post-illness sutuation

Hello , so about a month ago I was sick, felt weekness and had common cold symptoms with some little raise in temp` that lasted for about a week. I'm all better now but however I noticed that my throat doesn't appear normal I'm afraid that I have an infection and just neglected it. I'm living in ukraine so there are many infections here, I tried to go to my doctor but he's saying it's nothing and refused to check it .
What you think ? Am I getting worried for nothing ??
This is a link for the picture of my throat today, please check it up and tell me what you think I should do.
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Hello~If your current physician isn't helping, I would certainly see another one. You need to probably be on an antibiotic if it is a strep throat as it can lead to something more serious.
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It is not out of the ordinary to have a sore throat following a cold.  Drainage from the cold can make your throat feel raw.  Are you having trouble swallowing?  Is it getting progressively worse, or better?

It's not possible to diagnose over the internet from a picture, but the two most common illnesses that would cause a sore throat are strep throat (bacterial) or enterovirus (virus).  Strep throat may require antibiotics in order to cure, but unfortunately, like most viruses, enterovirus must run its course.  A doctor can prescribe low-dose steroids to alleviate the pain and swelling, if needed.
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