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Help poor guy from 3rd world africa with his feet(Urinated) Problem please :(

It started when i was 16 or 17 years old i am currently 22 years old i read a book some where once about use of urine in which it states that it helps fight Feet odor and so i just started urinating on my feet day and nigght for 2 years and kept doing it even in the shower i would jusst pee all over my feet.  And then After 3 years every bit of my feet smell was gone puffff gone i would wear my shoe all day not even a wiff just gone........  The unbleaveavle thing was i continued peeing on my feet for another 1 year. And unbleiveably i started smelling starnge things like people every one who is besides me cant sit for minute they smell so bad.  So i thought it was them but it continued my room  would just smell so ******* bad and very high heat would surround it its lik when i sit some where every thing smell so ******* bad i thought i was going crazy so i did my own reasearch.  And so i would ask for peoples feed back without them knowing and so i asked my mother so many questions.  And so i found out that our toilet ( unbelievable) does not smell when i am around. If i am there boom all our house would smell so ******* bad my bad cant even believe me she thinks i am nuts but i am sure i am not because i didd a lot of experiments and its true my feet is ******* unbeleivable igniting other smell around it.  I would soak my feet in water ( experiment) for 30 minites and boom the smell is gone when i pull my feet out of the water for a minite a cloud of ao disfusting smell sorrounds me........ I dont kbow what to do i am even thinking of Suicide because no solution i yet found any one else there like me
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Have you ever heard of PATM?  We have a forum for that here (people are allergic to me) . . . in which people swear they give off an odor and make others react.  Or it could be a reaction with your sweat.  This can happen too. Any way you can ever see a doctor.

Suicide is not the answer to this.  It's not the answer to anything.  Please don't think of that and if you are thinking of that, please seek immediate medical attention!
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Thank you.  For ypur concerned response i will look for PATM and hope i find people like me
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Were you able to find some support in that community? How are you doing?
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As the other person stated, suicide is NOT the answer.  Try and talk to someone you look up to or trust....a friend, a relative, a religious leader.....
If you do not have anyone that you feel you can talk to, please call or contact a suicide hotline.  Have you talked to a doctor or nurse about your feet?  There may a simple solution.  Also, keep researching on the internet.  Please hang in there.  I hope you get some relief soon.
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