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I have a son who is suffering a wound on the lip. The wound get infected and the Doctor said the infection went to his throat. He does not want to eat for 5 days now and he is really thin. I care so much about my son and please I need help on what are the alternatives on taking food for his condition. He doesn't like to eat..What should I do?. :(

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How old is he? Has he eaten anything at all? Make sure to give him lots of water to keep his fluids up. You could try liquid foods, such as yoghurt or very mushy vegetables. Does he refuse to eat because it hurts to swallow?
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I hope the doctor has given him antibiotics. As was said be sure to have him drink water. As for food you can give him ensure. But, I would let the doctor know that he is not eating. A week is a long time. He may be dehydated and not eating can be a sign of the infection becoming a bigger problem.
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