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How long for examination?

I am going for my annual physical exam, and my appointment is schedule on the quarter of the hour. Does that indicate that appointments are designed to last no more than 15 minutes? I want to discuss a couple of things with my doctor, but that makes me feel a little rushed.
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Usually an annual physical exam is a  little longer than 15 minutes so you probably have time to ask your questions. These days doctors give you about 5-15 minutes for a office call but the annual physicai may take a little longer. For men they may have you get a blood test before your exam unless you never have seen this doctor before. If you do then they will discuss the lab results. Then some check your moles for skin cancer and if you have any specific problems like a sore throat or ear ache they will take a look at those things. For men they do a prostate exam (rectal exam) and that is about it. I'm not sure what age they start doing the rectal exam. It may not be until 40 I don't know. But I usually make a list of questions and keep it organized so that you can get your questions answered. They don't give you a whole lot of time. But I would try to get all your questions answered.
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Generally, exams are booked for either twenty or forty minutes. The initial exam when first meeting your physician is forty minutes. Usually doctors only want to address "one issue". If you bring up several you may not be satisfied. If you really have a problem that will take longer try to notify the doctor beforehand so he can schedule you for a period when he has more time. One thing to is to ask if you can have your bloodwork performed before the visit. The blood draw is performed by a technician and doesn't require a doctor's time. Then he/she will be in a better position to assess your medical problems.
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Thanks guys, These are both good answers.

I went in today for my exam. I had my questions written down, and the doctor did not seem to be in a hurry at all.

She just did the basic checks and is referring me to a specialist about one of my questions.

And, a new thing they have is the creation of a personal account through their system which will allow me to interact with the doctor thru a kind of e-mail.

The doctor said that I am in very good health. : )
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That sounds great. I like it when they give you the opportunity to email with questions. I haven't had that luck. San Diego really doesn't have a lot of doctors. Anyway, I 'm glad your exam came out well.
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