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How to deal with allergic reactions?

I’m a 17 year old girl and I just moved away to college. This is supposed to be the best time of my life but it’s turning into the ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I’m on my 3rd allergic reaction back to back. Let’s start with reaction one. I was using new makeup fr my makeup class and I started seeing signs of an allergic reaction so stopped using it and consulted a doctor. Then next morning it was a full blown reaction, swollen eyes, rash all over my eyes and face. I was told to take Benadryl, it didn’t work. I go to another doctor and receive oral prednisone pills. They work beautifully, my skin is back so I wear mascara then I take it off at the end of the night with my makeup wipes. Next morning BOOM again allergic reaction, swollen eyes and rash. The common denominator was the makeup wipes so I throw them out and see the doctor again. This time I get a steroid shot in my butt. (The things I do to be pretty again). It started to clear within 2 days. Now this morning I wake up with huge swollen eyes and the rash AGAIN. But I haven’t used any new products, no makeup, only cetaphil and 100% petroleum jelly was touching my face. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME ?!?! WHY CANT I EVER BE PRETTY ?!? (I’m not that vain, this rash also itches and hurts)
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Ugh, this sounds terrible!  And ya, at your age it is definitely a lot about how you look.  I'm older.  I wear mascara like once a month, lol.  I have dry eyes and it makes me want to rub my eyes and well, I'm married and a mom so not as concerned with that part of my appearance.  But I totally get it. I used to take over an hour to get ready to go anywhere and I enjoyed it!  

so, what else could be going on.  Are you using a new detergent for laundry?  Could it be your pillow?  I am just asking because my freshman year at college, I was all of a sudden in a new environment and did my laundry and such and if you are waking up with this and it is not anything to do with the make up or cleansing towelettes, then you have to wonder what else your face comes in contact with during the night.  

I'd wear as little make up as possible.  And a dermatologist is who you should see next.  
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