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I am having Extreme Fatigue and numerous other symptoms

For the past few years I have struggled with mild fatigue, which I believe at the time was caused by stress/anxiety I put on myself. However, for the past 5 or 6 months my fatigue has gotten much worse and I am not sure why. Fatigue is the main symptom I have, but other symptoms include black eye floaters, somewhat sensitive to bright sunlight, dizziness upon standing after lying or sitting, constant yawning, I force myself to workout even though I am usually much too tired, poor concentration, and a lot of the time I can feel the exhaustion in the front/top part of my head. I do not have any problems falling asleep but wake up every morning feeling as though I've been hit by a bus and got no sleep the night before. I also do not have any problems with diarrhea or vomiting, however for about 3 months last summer I had on and off stomach pain that I took Prilosec for that eventually just disappeared. In addition, it seems as though the worse I feel the lower my sex drive is and I sometimes get acne, but I am not sure why sometimes I feel noticeably worse than other times. I eat healthy, workout, get enough sleep, drink enough water, etc. I have had physicals and blood tests done, have had my heart checked and x-rayed, etc, but everything came back negative. I have minimal stress and anxiety now, but feel even worse than I did a year ago. I've been doing my own research online but am still not sure what could be causing this. I am a 21 year old male.
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Could be low in Vitamin D and magnesium. Also Prilosec blocks Vitamin B12 absorption
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Ok I wish you well and I hope you find some answers. Like I said the description of this condition doesn't sound anything like the problems it was causing me either because I didn't have blood clots. I still had severe compression of the iliac vein causing extreme fatigue and anxiety and every other problem most doctors don't know this condition can cause.
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Just curious where the stomach that you had was located? If it was lower abdominal there is a condition that I have that called May-Thurner Syndrome and it can cause all of the problems you're having. Its been causing me fatigue, anxiety and depression for the past 25 years and I know from personal experience almost no doctor would think of this condition. Unfortunately it's only known for one thing (blood clots), but most people including myself never get blood clots but go one to develop chronic fatigue instead with this condition. It can also cause libido problems as well because blood gets trapped at the left iliac vein and gets pushed back down into the left internal iliac and pudendal veins close to penis and testicles causing Low-T and ED and Vericocele veins in men. The good news is if you do have this condition a simple stenting procedure can give you significant relief from your symptoms. I had a stent placed 8 months ago in my left iliac vein and it's a miracle how much better I felt by the next day. Fatigue and Anxiety were almost completely gone and every ache and pain in my body as well. Hope this might help and feel free to private message me if you have any questions.
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No I read up on this syndrome and do not believe this is what is causing my problems
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