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I am having shoulder joint pain and having limited arm movement for last 3-4 days.

I played badminton 3-4 days ago. Semi professional level. I can only move my right hand up to 90 degree with body sideways. Having pain in my tendons while trying to move my hand front or straight up.
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Hi. So, was this a new activity?  Guessing not since you said that you were playing the semi professional level. But is this a new level for you?  Were you at a tournament or something where you normally don't play that much?  Muscle stiffness wouldn't be uncommon.  But this is more than that? You should probably get it looked at if so.  You could have a thing called a slap tear if the pain is deep.  This is a tear in the ring of cartilage that is around your shoulder socket.  It would reduce range of motion. rotator cuff injuries are obvious to get checked out. Have you tried ibuprofen to see if that helps?  
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Thanks for your comment. I do simple stretching regularly and play friendly badminton occasionally. That level was kind of new to me and I had to push my limit. I am pretty sure it is not muscle pain. In normal situation there is no pain. The pain gets intense when try to lift my  straight arm more than 90 degree. The pain is deep and escalate very quickly. When I get back to normal position it is fine again. I am wondering is it a tear in any of tendons or it is overstretched.
Ugh, I feel for you.  In all seriousness, I think you should go ahead and get it looked at.  An orthopedic or sports medicine center is best.  You could have a micro tear.  If nothing else, I'd try NOT to do movement that is bothering you, take ibuprofen and maybe ice it.  

I'm glad you moved up in levels, it was probably exciting and fun.  But sometimes our body just says "no" or "not yet".  Hope this gets worked out!  Let me know if going to the doctor is something you can do reasonably easily.
Can you reach behind you? I tore my labrum in my shoulder, and it was impossible for me to reach back to undo my bra. It was strange - I couldn't reach up with my arm to the side, but I could get it higher if it was in front of me, but not high enough to reach for a plate in a cabinet (I'm short though, so that might not be a good guide for you.)

I'd suggest getting it checked. You may need an MRI. There is PT that can be done if the rotator cuff or labrum is torn, depending on the size of the tear.

Let us know what happens!
Yes, have a healthcare professional take a look. You may also ask about natural supplements to support a healthy inflammation response like turmeric perhaps.
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Hello~I highly suggest that you see your GP or a doctor that specializes in sports medicine, as the other posters have written, you may have some sort of tear that needs attention.
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AFTER you have been checked thoroughly by the doctor and all tests been run and nothing seems to be causing the pain, then I would suggest seeing a chiropractor, you may have a dislocated joint in that area and it is pressing on nerves or is just causing the pain itself. The chiropractor will take x-rays, or look over the ones your doctor has ordered, and then discuss what he/she feels should be done. A few adjustments should start to help alleviate the pain.
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