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I have a shooting pain above my right eyebrow when i lift it

I am a 29 year old male adult.  I have had this shooting pain for about 2 weeks.  I can only feel the pain when I lift my right eyebrow past a certain point.  When the eyebrow is relaxed, i have no pain.  I did not hit my head on anything to cause this pain and have never had anything like this in my past.  I am curious to what this could be?  I do not believe it is a headache because it take the lifting motion to cause any pain.  I do have a doctors appointment in a month, but i want to see if there are any recommendations to hat could be causing this before i see my doctor.
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How long have you had this?  My first thought was something like a pimple.  One under the skin that you aren't fully seeing yet.  But that's fairly far fetched. Here is an article that has possibilities. https://www.healthline.com/health/eyebrow-pain None of those really fit what you are describing as many also have vision problems.  Sinus issues are probably the closest thing on that issue.  Here is an older medhelp post that has many people reporting eye brow pain.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Anxiety/Painful-to-touch-around-eyebrows---anyone-else/show/4744  ;

It wouldn't be a bad idea to check in with your doctor if this has been going on for any length of time (more than a couple of days) or you can do a wait and see approach and give it a little more time.  Does a warm washcloth help it or ibuprofen?
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Hello~It sounds muscular-related to me, perhaps you may have some muscles in that area that are extra tight. I know this sounds strange, but try to raise it until it hurts, then do it again a few times, quite possibly this will relax the muscle and the pain will go away. Another suggestion, place a very warm wash cloth over the area, again, this will help relaxation of the muscle. I am glad you have a doctor appointment however in case it continues or gets worse.
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