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Sir, i am suffering from minor indigestion problem for the last 1 week. I do agree that i took lots of oily and spicy foods last week which has resulted in indigestion. Indigestion occurred to me in 2010 for the same reasons. Now its back again. I am going to try this below remedy :
mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of fresh ground ginger and two teaspoons of unrefined honey in a cup of lukewarm water and drink for immediate relief.  Is it before meals or after meals? will it really work out ? reply ASAP...
Do you have any other remedy, please let me know.

- Ramkumar, chennai, India.
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Non medication: Baking soda in water.
Over the counter medication: Tums
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I would cut down on the oily foods. It isn't good for your health and it is causing you indigestion. You may have reflux or even an ulcer. It would be good to get an upper GI test if you could. If not then do they have Zantac 150 you take that for a month or two. But do quit the fatty foods and cream sauces and oily or fried foods and that should help on it is own. You don't want to take Zantac for very long it is only to help temporarily (1-2 months the quit). Have had any pills like Ibupropin, aspirin, or any other NSAIDs lately? If so those can cause stomach problems too.  Hope this helps. I haven't had the honey and ginger work for me. I take honey every morning with herbal tea and ginger. But it doesn't seem to be strong enough. If you do have an ulcer or just even reflux due to the food then you need something stronger.
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