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Is it Leukemia?

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For the last 3 months I just haven't been myself. It started with gastric issues, gassy, lighter colored soft stool, noisy stomach. Had mild mid back pain. I've had a lightheaded feeling the whole time. Went to see my doctor after a week and was told it was probably GERD. After 3 weeks not any better and went back to my doctor. I had blood work, pee test, and stool test, I had chest x-rays, an ultra sound which picked up something on my liver which prompted a CT scan. Can't remember what they called it but was a normal thing to have on your liver and was told not to worry about it. Everything else checked out fine in the scan, x-ray and my blood, urine, and stool were all normal. Was prescribed pantoprazole.
3 weeks later I decided to go see my doctor because things just weren't getting better, I had new symptoms like itchy skin, lack of sleep, and bone aches (not just in one place but everywhere) I notice the bone aches more in my upper legs, lower legs, upper arms, lower arms and my fingers. My doctor ordered more blood tests which turned out to be normal. Talked about my sleep issues as it's easy to fall asleep but I wake up about 2 hours later and rarely get back to sleep the rest of the night for no apparent reason. He thought my problems could be due to lack of sleep and has prescribed Lunesta which is another story, this has been 6 weeks ago and between my insurance needing verifications and my doctor's office inability to communicate with them I still have not got my prescription.

About a week and a half ago I went back to my doctor for a follow up, I had developed a sinus infection which he prescribed antibiotics for, told me they would get this lunesta thing going and didn't seem too concerned about anything else.

Anyway I still have aching bones, itchy skin (I stopped taking pantoprazole thinking it was causing itching more than a month ago). I still feel lightheaded all the time. my gastric issues seem to be somewhat better but still isn't quite normal. I've started taking melatonin and seems to help some but I'm still not getting a full nights sleep.
What concerns me is the bone aches, itchy skin, and lightheadedness. my achy bones aren't severe or keep me awake or get worse with physical activity. My doctor says it's not leukemia because my blood tests normal, or it isn't celiacs or gluten thing because I don't have diarrhea.
I don't have any bruising, red spots, or excessive bleeding or nose bleeds. I don't wake up sweating although the last week or so I feel overly warm at times and sweat more easily during the day but no fever.
All I know is that my body is not normal the last 3 months and it may just be lack of sleep? I am starting to worry now after reading online all my symptoms point directly to leukemia.

suggestions or advice would be much appreciated
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I don't know anything bout leukemia and can't guess.
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First, stop Googleing, I know it is easier said than done when scared, but, it can say a person has a disease that they are not even close to having. So many symptoms can mean so many different things.  The fact that you don't have any unusual bruising, red spots, or nose bleeds is promising, as is not having the night sweats.

If possible, to set your mind at ease, see if you can get a referral to see an oncologist, he/she will know more than just a "normal" doctor and will know if any other tests are needed.

You could very well have a vitamin/mineral deficiency, sleep deprivation, or even stress and anxiety. Stress can cause extra sweating and abnormal body heat. Try soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts, this can help the pain.
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