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I've Been Having Knee Pain, Help?

I'm 22 and I've been experiencing a lot of pain consistently in my left knee for nearly a year now. I've been to my doctor and she told me that it was only a misalignment and after the appointment told me "I hope the knee thing sorts itself out."
I've tried everything from icing it to heating it, elevating it, using a knee brace, even tried those patches that say they are supposed to take the pain away. Ibuprofen doesn't work for the pain either it goes right through it.
The biggest thing that is probably what made my doctor brush off my pain is the fact there is no swelling or redness.
It hurts to bend or move my knee at all, and the pressure from standing on it or from going up and down stairs hurts as well. I used to go swimming when the pain would be unbearable, to take the pressure off of it, but the pain kept me from actually being able to move my leg in the water.
Often times there's a sort of scraping sound when my knee bends. Or what feels like bones scraping together.
I know it's pretty extreme to say I'd break my leg just to get rid of it, or think if it would be better to get it amputated and get a prosthetic, but this overwhelming pain makes me think it would be easier.

I don't participate in any sports or anything strenuous that would have resulted in damaging my knee. So I'm not sure what's caused it.
I've thought about maybe asking for an x-ray on my knee to see if that would show anything that could be wrong? But I'm not sure. Any help or advice is appreciated!
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Hello~I am sorry you are having such pain in your knee, that is no fun. I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor, when I have had knee pain, he has helped it immensely, He/she will take x-rays of the area, study them and then go over their findings. After a few treatments you knee should start feeling lots better.

The reason I am suggesting a chiropractor is because when certain vertebrae in your lower back are out of alignment, the pain it causes can actually radiate down the leg to the hip and knee, when the pressure is alleviated, then the pain normally stops. The chiro will also no doubt give you some special stretching exercises specifically to help the knee, hips and legs.

I hope you can get some relief soon, a year is a long time to be in pain.
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Is it a normal exercise or special for this treatment?
They are usually special ones that will help the issues you are having.
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