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Leg pain a few days after falling on ice

okay, so I'm 23 (so I'm not worried about fragile bones), a while a go (some time last week, probably monday or tuesday), I was walking to work, on an icy road and slipped, falling on a patch of rough ice. a couple of days ago my leg started getting moments of dull aches. And I have a very large bruise on my leg (which I expected, since I fell forward onto it, and it was quite sore). originally it felt sorta like my leg does when it cramps and rubbing it helped, now it seems the frequency of the pain is increasing, and the pain is more noticeable (maybe just because it's easier to trigger). and rubbing seems to be making it worse.
Should I be concerned, or is it just because it's healing?
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I hope it is just healing. If the pain continues you might want to have an x-ray. There is also a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is diagnosed primarily through observation of the following symptoms:

The presence of an initial injury
A higher than expected amount of pain from an injury
A change in appearance of an affected area
The presence of no other cause of pain or altered appearance
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If you are not able to put any weight (stand) on your leg because of the pain, then you need to get an xray to rule out any breaks.  Sometimes a break can be very thin (fracture).

wishing yo a speedy recovery.

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I can put weight on it, with no problem. Else I would have already been to the hospital. The pain usually only comes if I'm not resting a lot of weight on it or if I am sitting down
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Because it seems to be getting worse, and not easing off as each day goes by, I would be inclined to get it checked out.  

It could be that it is very severly bruised and a cold pack or plain yogurt will help to draw out the inflammation.  Try putting plenty of natural yogurt on your leg and wrap it with some towels to support it.  If it feels no better in the morning, go and get it xrayed.

I fell into a hole in the summer and bent my foot and it swell, was in extreme pain and I couldn't put any pressure on it at all.  All the medical advice was to have it xrayed straight away.  It was late, so I strapped it up with loads and loads of yogurt (it hurt a bit because it was cold).  I went to xray the next morning but was OK, but after few hours the pain had mirraculously disappeared.  

Yogurt for bruises is brilliant (and for sunburn and thrush).

Hope you are better soon.

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