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MRSA—does it cause numb legs?

I cut my toe really bad 5 days ago (so bad it cut my nail and skin under the nail) I bled a lot but didn’t go to the doctors as I was traveling for work. I soaked the would and used neosporin and bandages on it.

On my flight home yesterday I got a sharp pain in my thigh on the same leg where I cut my toe—my leg didn’t feel normal all night and again today it felt odd. A numb/tingling sensation and waves of it feeling warm and cold and tight.

Went to urgent care today and the DR said it was infected and he tested for MRSA but I won’t have results until Monday. I’m worried that maybe MRSA or Staph infection spread to my leg or am I just being overly worried? I was prescribed Bactirim took my first dose today. Should I be more concerned about it—I told my doctors about my leg feeling off and he didn’t say anything.
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I don’t really have any other signs just the warm tingling l—no abscess?
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Well, your results will be interesting.  You can have an infection that isn't MRSA or staph.  My only experience with staph was my son who did get a nasty staph infection from a small rug burn type of injury on his leg at school.  He bandaged it himself after showing it to me and I didn't really worry about it.  A week later, wowza.  It was a festering crater.  We went to the doctor who gave a topical antibiotic cream. BUT, it was really too late for that as when he woke up the next day, it had erupted all over his body.  He had these crater, crusty or oozing sores on various parts of his body.  It had gone system.  We went back to the doctor.  He started antibiotics by mouth and luckily, the immediately started working.  The sores went away with only the final one that was the place of origin that took a while.  He still has a bit of a scar.  I mean, really.  It looked like a flesh eating bacteria.  That is my experience. That when it goes into the blood stream, you see things like that.  That you have 'warm to the touch', that is a sign of mrsa.  But often you also have a fever with it.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mrsa/symptoms-causes/syc-20375336

One time I got a manicure and left for vacation with my husband.  I got an infection in the cuticle area of my thumb.  It hurt and then it blew up and then it was hot to the touch.  I had to see a 'traveler' physician while on our trip.  They started me on Augmentin and they had to drill a hole under my nail and let out the puss to relieve the pressure.  It was not my dream vacation. lol  But it was just a regular infection.

So, regardless, it sounds like it is a good thing you are on antibiotics.  And be very careful because as you know, MRSA is very contagious.  Until you find out if you have it, use lots of precautions.  
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Thank you! Just wishing I could get my results sooner. Thanks again for your help!
I don't think I was all that much help.  Other than to say it doesn't totally sound like MRSA to me.  And hopefully what they prescribed will begin to work quickly.  When do you get the results?
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Hello~I am glad you went to ER to have this matter checked out and are now on antibiotics. Have you made an appointment to see your regular GP?  I am not sure if MRSA can cause numbness in the affected area or not, I guess it is possible.

I agree with the other poster, until you get your results just use extra precautions it is always better to err on the side of safety. I hope all turns out well for you.
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Oh no - it got infected. :(

There is something called MRSA osteomyelitis.


It's very rare, but serious. I'm not sure it would happen this quickly, though. In any case, the bactrim is the preferred treatment for MRSA, so that's a great thing.


How is it doing today? Are you still having the leg pain?
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The leg is feeling better but still experiencing the numbness and warm/cold off and on. Not as much though—not sure if it’s the antibiotics working (I also have minocycline  that I take 2x a day for acne) today is day 4/7 of Bactrim. I’m wondering if my leg pain is because I haven’t put real pressure on that leg in probably a week? Hoping it’s nothing serious—still don’t have lab results I called today and they said they found bacteria but haven’t identified it.
I just don’t understand it, it’s slightly above my ankle and blow are so much colder than every other part of my body. What would you recommend
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Well, you may have damaged the nerve or it could potentially be the infection. I would keep a very close eye on your wound , check your temperature and any change in the wound that looks worse . The antibiotic should work on the infection even if it is MRSA . But they will culture it and do antibiotic sensitivity testing to make sure you are on the right antibiotic. I would follow up with the doctor if you continue to have problems.
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Hi! The culture came back—nurse said no staph or MRSA but I did have a little gram positive cocci. I’m on Bactrim. I’m starting to wondering if maybe the pain and numbness in my leg is because I haven’t been putting pressure on it when I walk for about a week (as to not rip the new skin trying to cover my cut) so maybe it’s just because I haven’t walked on my leg much?
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I'm glad no MRSA!

It could be from no pressure on it and trying to favor it, but if you're still feeling it, it would be worth another trip to the doc for further investigation in that.

How are you feeling now?
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