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Med is this rash below the belt?

I am a 24 yr old woman. A rash started out of nowhere last week between my butt cheeks. The skin was swollen, red, hurt to touch, and made it's own moisture. Since it came, i started taking antibiotics for a tooth and the rash is slowly progressing. It stopped hurting and swelling went dowm but its now peeling and the skin underneath is shiny and red. I do have HSV1 if that means anything.
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HSV1 is not related. You got this after you started the antibiotics?  Any time you get a rash with antibiotics, you should call your doctor as that could be a reaction.  So, call your doctor to report the rash that started at same time you started a course of antibiotics.  Let me know what they say!
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Thanks, it actually started a little before the antibiotic cycle.
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well im not sure but it sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to  something any new soap or  toilet paper  
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Yup, could definately be.
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Hello~I hope that by now it has cleared up. It sounded like an allergy, some folks have allergies to certain antibiotics, when this happens, your GP should be notified as soon as possible.
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