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Muscle/joint pain & armpit nodule found

I am a 41 year old female that has been experiencing flu-like symptoms without the coughing, sneezing, sniffeling etc......or fever. My muscles are so very sore & so are my joints. I wake up with it and it hangs on nearly all day. It subsided today aorund 4PM. I am also experieincing painful swollen lymph (nodes right side) I went to my PCP today and she felt a nodule in the lymph nodes on that side.

I had blood work done and my SED rate was high, my WBC was normal......she tested me for 3 different tick diseases (Lyme, Rocky Mtn Spotted & 1 other) those results have not come in yet. A couple weeks ago I was on a nature trail with my son while he was taking his senior pics. A few days later I broke out in a itchy rash. It went away then fatigue set in and now the muscle/joint aches and the swollen painful lymph nodes.

I don't THINK I got bit by a tick but my PCP is treating me with doxycyclene & steroids just in case.  I am waiting to see how I feel in the AM....if I am sore or not.

Anyone ever experience anything like this? I have never felt so bad in my life!!! I should mention that while my muscle/joint aches have subsided (for now) my lymphnodes (armpit) is still very sore!!

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give!!

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It sounds to me like you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you certainly have all the symptoms of it The fact that the SED rate was high, also points to it. Have they done an Epstein Barr blood test, if not, ask for one.

As I said, I would say it was either Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they are both related. I would see a good neurologist and have them run tests and discuss it with them.

I will say, lots of doctors will not recognize this, mainly because there are no drugs for it, but, keep pursuing until you find one that will help and listen.
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Thanks for your reply.......I have already been DX'd with CFS years ago. I have no idea what blood tests have been sent off, I was in so much pain yesterday that I just didn't look at my lab papers that well.

I have also been told I have Fibro but I don't believe that I have it. In my lab reports my ALP is high and has been every time my blood has been drawn since Jan 2013, and my EO% is also high and has been the last two times I've had blood drawn (9/11/13 & 2/21/14 and yesterdays blood draw)......I think all this points to an auto immune disorder......but I am afraid since my PCP is treating me for a tick disease, and the steroids seem to be helping......she won't look any further and just thik it was a tick disease.

Thanks again for your reply!!
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I have similar have been unwell on and off for a few months I get the symptoms you describe but no sore lympe nodes ...I have been to the med center a few times but no one knows anything I do have a bit low Vit D ..
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