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My Hair started twisting & underneath hair tightening around scalp!

I am 53, wavey to light curly hair.
My hair just started knotting and twisting up together and the hair underneath tightens and sticks to my clean scalp so tight it causes headaches and nausea??? I painfully pull hair off scalp with a comb and then it relaxed dropping like normal for a minute and then bam it starts all over again.  It also moves from one area of the scalp to the other.
My Derm said it is nerves from a 20 year spine injury... How is that tangling, twisting, scalp netting and knotting my hair? Maybe scalp pain would be nerves; which is so bad I want to cry! But it does not explain the rest of my hair issue!

Anyone else? Are there any fixes? I have tried everything topical like chemical free full natural shampoos and cream rinse, hair mud mask, leave in conditioners any and everything I can find with no help.  
I am on Doxepin thats for nerve issues. No relief at all and Its Not my imagination and I can watch my hair tangle and the netting is the worse!
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That sounds really painful.  Your doctors who examined you and came up for the reason why they think it is happening had no suggestions on how to help?
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It sounds like maybe your nerve injury is causing your scalp to be super sensitive, I know that happens in traumatic brain injuries sometimes.  Could you try a different haircut?  Or maybe a topical product with a skin-numbing ingredient, like they sell for itchy bug bites?

If all else fails, you might need to see about a change in medication.
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Same happened to me for 4 years. Do a porosity test. I have Low porosity hair but had no clue. Everything sits and your scalp and product builds up. Any product with silicone in it sits on top instead of soaking into hair. Off the list of shampoos I chose the cheapest Vo5 kiwi clarifying shampoo and conditioner and it’s atarting to work. Prescription shampoo did not. It was an absolute nightmare.  Good luck!
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Yes, everyone thought I was crazy. No one actually examined my hair. Not even dermatologist. He just asked series of questions and called it seborrheic dermatitis. Only one friend said it looked like little knots underneath. Everyone told me nothing was wrong with my hair and leave it alone even though it looked like a freak show. Good luck!
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