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My dr said my often slightly low WBC is common for petite young men, is that true?

The reference range is 4.5-10 I believe and I frequently am at 4.4 or 4.2 I believe was the lowest. I feel fine, get sick twice a year and have no other symptoms. My B12 was flagged for being very slightly low once I mean like .02 low and corrected itself and my vitamin D is always low unless I take a supplement (ginger skin) is this a cause for concern?
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Hello~I don't think you need to worry, some labs have different values for what is "normal" so, what could be "abnormal" at the lab that took your blood, could be "normal" at another lab, especially when the difference is so minute.
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You are normal if you are only 0.2-0.4 off from the normal range at any weight. No worries. The B12 and Vitamin D can easily be supplemented with "vitamins". B12 is water soluble so you can take one once a week under the tongue (sublingual) Methylcobalmin. You can up your dose of Vitamin D if your doctor recommends it. It can change depending on diet. So if you don't get much sun you can increase. I would ask the doctor if you need to. I personally take 6000 IU of vitamin D per day because mine is normal (60) with this much added D. My husband takes 4000 IU a day. He is about 50 and that is in the normal range for our lab. none of your results sound bad.

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