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Numbness in right leg some pain and occasional tingling in right arm

Hey guys, I've been having this issue for the past few months: when I lay flat on my back in bed my right leg starts to go numb after 10-15 minutes. Now I'm getting occasional tingling feelings in my right arm. My right leg has some pain. I believe the issue started with my mattress which is too firm and I have not yet replaced. However I've added multiple layers of cushioning including a memory foam topper, sleeping pad, down comforter and other layers to make it cushy and the problem still persists.

My friend recommended I start weight lifting more to add "padding" to help protect the nerves which I think is good advice. Is there anything else you guys can recommend? Thank you for any help.
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There are various causes of paresthesias, as detailed in the following article:

- a herniated disk that presses on a nerve
- a narrowing of the canal that transmits the nerve from your spinal cord to your extremity
- any mass that compresses the nerve as it exits the spinal column

- hyperglycemia (e.g., diabetes)
- trauma
- repetitive movement injuries
- autoimmune diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis)
- neurological diseases (e.g., multiple sclerosis)
- kidney disease
- liver disease
- stroke
- tumors in the brain or near nerves
- bone marrow or connective tissue disorders
- hypothyroidism
- deficient vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12, E, or niacin
- excessive vitamin D
- infections (e.g., Lyme disease, shingles, or HIV)
- certain medications (e.g., chemotherapy drugs)
- exposure to toxic substances (e.g., chemicals or heavy metals)

You should see your doctor for further workup and evaluation.
Laboratory and/or imaging tests can rule out etiologies listed above.
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I agree with both Specialmom and SassyLasssie. It seems to be a nerve issue possibly pitched. However, if it was not triggered only at night it could also be associated with vitamin levels in your body. Both legs and both arms at times go numb or tingle on me. Then after some blood work they found my B12 was low.
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Hello~It sounds like nerve issues to me, perhaps some pinched nerves in your arm and upper back. I would see a chiropractor, if you do have pinched nerves, they are usually able to help. They will first take some x-rays, study them, discuss the results, then determine a plan of action. Usually after a few treatments, the symptoms are better.
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So, when  someone mentions either numbness or tingling, or both, I think of nerve issues.  Like compression happening somewhere while you sleep that is compressing the nerve.  OR something you are doing in your life.  An example.  My husband had numbness, tingling and pain down his arm. It was terrible and ongoing so he went to a neurologist.  What ended up being the cause was that it was summer, our lawn mower was the kind where it is supposed to be propelled forward which broke so he was pushing it but the vibration and jarring caused a nerve to get pinched.  Once a week for 3 hours (how long it takes to mow our big yard), he was subjecting it to this trigger.  We got a new mower.  He did some stretching.  Has not had a problem since. I tell you this story only to illustrate that sometimes innocent enough things can be causing a nerve to get compressed.  Any thing like that at all you can think of for yourself?
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