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Occasionally feeling tightness in the back of my head

I've been having these neck ache (in the nape area) followed by headache in the back of my head. Also whenever I play with my 4 years old son, when I have to bend over and look straight forward and move around fairly strenously, I can feel the tightness in the back of my head, getting worse as I kept going. I've been to a neurologist but the doctor take it as a migraine headaches for now and gave me some meds. But the meds does not seem to be helping. I'll be seeing the doctor again in a week but in the meantime, I just wanna take some initiative and see if there's any chance my problem have to do with the spinal cord in the neck.
This problem started when I stopped exercising regularly after my foot injury, about 4 months ago. Also this problem happened to me way before,.. when I try to push myself during my exercise. For e.g., when I would struggle for an extra rep during a pull up. Is there an underlying problem that I need to check out? This is really hindering with my work and well... life in general.
Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the answers! I searched around the net for a bit and there seems to be some exercise to correct my neck posture. I have a bad case of computer neck syndrome. May be I'll try ice pack and heat pack both to see which helps better. Thanks again!
Hard to find a chiropractor in my country though. Non existent even, I would say.
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I'm really not a fan of chiropractors for neck and top of neck issues.  I have issues there and found the work a chiropractor does very uncomfortable in that area.  But I DID find relief from stretches.  You can take your head and look straight down and then move your chin side to side. Then lift head up and do the same.  Drop head slowly and gently from side to side.  And really, try the tennis ball for massage.  Works wonders.  :>))
Thanks! the stretches seem to be helping. A friend of mine has a really good physiotherapist. I'll probably check with him if given a chance as well. As for the tennis ball, I have to find it first, haha. Tennis is not very popular in my country.
Oh, ha.  Tennis balls are common here.  You can try amazon, ebay, etc.  They should be cheap.  You could try any type of spongy but firm ball.  

I'm glad the stretches are helping!  And yes, check in with the physiotherapist!!  Perfect.
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Hello~I would try putting some heat on the area, this relaxes my muscles when I am hurting. Also, since the MD's don't see anything wrong, I would see a chiropractor, you may have some pinched nerves in the area causing these feelings, I know when I need a treatment in my neck, the chiropractor helps immensely.
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I often have tension and tightness there as well.  What about placing an ice pack there for a bit?  I had a doctor recommend this and it really did help.  You can also take something like a tennis ball and lay on it moving your head around. It's like a massage and helps relax the muscles in that area.  Stretching also is important to do.
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