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Online pharmacies, who to trust.

I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to regular CVS stores since some of my medication isn't covered by health insurance. Yes, those are non-prescription drugs and I've been thinking about some sort of a cheaper alternative like online drug stores. I've heard that Canadian ones are a lot cheaper than US-based. And judging by the news about their health system I don't think this theory is far fetched. Anyway, I need any feedback regarding real life experience of dealing with online drug stores. Any pitfalls etc. Will appreciate any kind of info regarding this issue. For instance: delivery times, payment methods, customs office issues and scammers. Anyway, I would appreciate any kind of feedback on your online medication sellers. Which are more reliable, which ones deal with prescription drugs (if it's legal to do so). I have never tried it online, so I'd like to get as much info as possible. Thanks.  
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This is an interesting question.  I haven't used any but did look into it once for a skin care product that IS prescription but so expensive I didn't get it due to cost. It was an EXTRA.  I'd still like to have it. But it is one that would require a doctor prescription.  You take regular OTC products and are looking for a way to buy them cheaper? Trying to understand your situation.  

I think the one thing that has cautioned me in the past is regulation. Things sold in our country are typically heavily regulated.  They have to be exactly what the packaging says they are. Other countries do not have as strict codes and sometimes what you get is not exactly what you are told it is.  That's the downside.  Wonder what others have to say about this topic.  
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Hello~I have not used them since being over here in New Zealand, our prices are very low anyway, but,when I was living back home in the states, I had a friend purchase some vitamins for me in Vancouver Canada as they were half the price of what I paid in the states and they were every bit as good. I guess is depends on what you are taking and like anything else, where you get it from, but I would think that they should be OK, especially the Canadian ones.
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What kind of medicine are you looking for? If those are non-prescription drugs you can give it a try though. Shouldn't be any problems with it.  There was only one time I bought pills online at Canadian Pharmacy and it took longer than I expected. Everything was fine, but still it keeps you thinking about what's inside. These days there are tons of indian pills that are repackaged and sold as top brands. And not doing their job is not the worst case with these pills. They could easily have some side effects due to some "impurities" (I don't know the medical term) that could harm you a lot. That's what bothers me the most with those online sellers. It's not some home appliance we're talking about. It's your own health. And a lot more money than saved on meds could be easily spent on your hospital bill. Hope your online experience will turn out to be positive. We all want to cut out the middleman, but sometimes the danger is bigger than the result.
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