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Oral Health problems

First off I want to point out two things: I am constipated (and have been for the last two weeks, with occasional bowel movements) and I have acid reflux with postnasal drip- just wanted to point these out.
For the last three weeks or so I have noticed that the roof of my mouth is white. Its not raised or anything but just white. My tongue is also white (towards the front) and greenish (towards the back) and kinda furry looking with my papillae on the tip of my tongue visible. Ive also been experiencing a tingling sensation on the side of my tongue, which goes away quickly. A couple of weeks ago I had sores on the sides of my tongue, 1 on 1 side which went away a day later and another on the other side which went away a day later. I also suspect that I have tonsil stones because I have a little white bump looking thing on my tonsils.
I have no sore throat, although it is reddish.
What is going on in my mouth. I don't think its thrush, because it looks nothing like cottage cheese or raised or anything. Could it be Leukoplakia? Or anything else?
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Hairy tongue (lingua villosa)
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thrush doesnt always look cottage cheezy. My infact son has thrush and he hust had white coloring on his tounge and on the inside of his cheek.  It wasnt raised wither
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