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PLEASE HELP! numbness/heaviness in left side, dizziness

I'm new to this site and I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on what's going on with me.
i'm 18 and female. over the last year I've been having A LOT of health problems and i'm just going to list all of them.

it started with pain in my pelvis on the left side, diarrhea and constant bloating. the diarrhea then stopped but I became extremely constipated and any bowel movements I managed to have were very painful. I also suddenly lost a load of weight. my periods were all over the place and made me very ill and I started the pill to try to control them.

I've also been having sharp stabbing pain in the left side of my chest and this week  my left side of my body went numb, my face, arm and leg. when this happens I can't walk properly, I get EXTREMELY dizzy and my speech patterns have been messed up. I keep saying my sentences in the wrong order, I can't say simple words, its hard to concentrate and hard for my eyes to properly focus. even as i'm typing now my left armis feeling really heavy.

I know that's a lot of stuff that don't really seem to go together but i'm starting to get really scared and I hope that someone can help. oh i'm getting an x-ray on my chest done sometime this week and i'm being sent to get a scan for an ovarian cyst, thanks x
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Hi there and welcome to MedHelp!! It sounds to me like you possibly might be having the signs of a stroke. Many of the signs to look for in strokes are; Numbness on the left side of your body, feeling constantly tired, word displacement, and the list goes on. If i were you, even though you are still very young, i would consult a doctor about it all and ask them about having strokes at such an early age. Its very rare but it has been known to happen. I'm here if you need anyone to talk to. Once again, Welcome to MedHelp!:)
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I agree with the poster above. Sounds like a (mild) stroke. Forget about waiting for the medical checkup. Go see a doctor NOW!
Stroke is terminal!
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