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Pain on one side of my back

Hi everyone. I'm  a 38-year-old man, very healthy and active with no history of injuries or physical problems (apart from a few broken bones due to sports). I woke up this morning with a dull pain on the left side of my back that feels like it runs from halfway up my back (left of the spine) all the way up to my trapezius. There's also a very slight tingling/uncomfortable feeling in my left arm and hand.

The pain isn't overwhelming, as I'm able to move about, but it isn't easy to get into and out of a sitting or laying position, and I definitely wouldn't be able to move any faster than a walk right now. The pain increases with movement. I did not do any particular activity that would have brought this on.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Hello~It could be a pinched nerve due to some vertebrae in your upper back that  is out of alignment, possibly seeing either a physical therapist, Osteopath or chiropractor might help, also, some stretches.

Another thought that comes to mind is it could be heart related. I don't want to alarm you, but some of the symptoms can be related to heart issues. You are fairly young still, but heart issues can be no respecter of age or person, and sometimes folks as young as their twenties can have them.

If it doesn't get better, then I would see your GP, he will be able to determine what is going on and will be able to prescribe the needed tests.
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