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Possible appendicitis

Hi there been a little worried since this morning not sure how I should go about it. Last I went on drinking binge so woke up with pretty horrible hangover my body feels like it got ran over by a bus also have lower back pain feels like it's on my pelvis and radiates to my hips basically feel terrible today nothing surprising. The part I'm worried about is after 1-2 of waking up I went to eat something but then started to feel a slight discomfort no major pain just something it was I went to do a quick google search and was seeing that's where my appendix is located didnt have pain near my belly button tho. So currently not having major pain just slight discomfort in that area I was thinking could this be from the rough night I had due to drinking or so I go and check it out was kind of worried when I saw that it could be something pretty dangerous left untreated but I was also thinking if it was appendicitis I would probably be feeling alot more pain. Would like to get some advice here if possible

Thanks and sorry for my terrible writing :)
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Hello~I would watch and wait. If it continues to hurt or gets worse, then certainly see your GP or go to the ER. Some  other things to check for if you are worried about it being your appendix, if you start to get nauseous when eating, and if when pressing your tummy, it hurts when you release the press, (that is called "rebound pain").
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Thanks for your replying i will wait to see how i feel tomorrow was just worred i would suddenly collapse or somethings guess I'm just over thinking a bit
You are welcome. Normally, appendicitis doesn't happen suddenly like that, you would just notice more increasing pain and nauseous feeling, plus some people get a low-grade fever.
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