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Rabies???? PLEASE respond ASAP Please!!!!!

hey im 17 years old and i have mild anxiety. about 2 months to 3 months ago i got a tiny scratch on my wrist from a neighborhood cat that my family and I adopted that used to always walk around the neighborhood. it used to be an old friends cat that lived a few houses down. they gave him rabie shots about 4 to 5 years ago maybe a little more. he was not foaming at the mouth or acting strange or any different than he usually does. My mom claims the cat has scratched her and my sister multiple times before while playing with it but nothing has happened priror to the scratch they got from him and do not suspect me of rabies nor themselves and believe im just having anxiety. we also went a month ago to the vet to get it all its shots so now its our cat officially. I never noticed any symptoms before hand of any rabies at all. iv had panic attacks for the past month due to my anxiety and i had extremely bad heartburn last night after eating mexican food. i have gerd and possible ibs and so i have been having anxiety about my pains all week. and now today i felt a little hornier than normal and i havent masturbated as much as i usually do which is about 1 to 2 times a day and i skipped a couples days this week due to my anxiety but today i noticed i had an increased sex drive and i masturbated once and then about 5 mins later i also masturbated. this scared me because i saw an article of a lady who had an extremely crazy increased sex drive right before she was diagnosed with rabies and passed away. do you think i might have rabies? my anxiety is going through the ceiling and im panicing and i just started to notice as i type this that it seems theres all of the sudden a thick coating of mucus in my throat. please help me and respond asap. do you think its rabies? or is my anxiety causing an increased sex drive and working myself up too much?
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I also agree - RELAX!!  Rabies is transmitted through the saliva of the animal, so contracting it through a scratch is not very likely - and even if you had been bitten, you would have shown signs/symptoms of rabies if you had contracted rabies long before now.  First symptoms of rabies usually occur within a couple of days to a week after exposure.

It's perfectly normal for your sex drive to go up and down - sometimes being a lot higher than other times.

As far as the feeling of a thick coating of mucous in your throat - that could be related to your anxiety, dehydration, or even your GERD.

Sit back and relax and as stated by the poster above, unless the scratch is showing signs of infection (fever, swelling, redness) - don't worry about it.
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I agree there is no reason to think you have rabies. you weren't bitten by the cat and it has no symptoms. And, I agree with gymdandee that the masterbation is just usual and your drive varies as it does for all of us. If the wound isn't infected I wouldn't worry about it. Relax.
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It's your anxiety! Nothing about this has to do with masturbation!!
Masturbation is normal and everyone masturbates! Married couples masturbates. Try to relax and know you're OK
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