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Reasons for swollen not tender lymphnodes that's not cancer?

Any other reasons than cancer why lymphnodes (in the neck) would be swollen?
One big, 2-3 smaller ones.

Hard and not moveable, no sickness lately.
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Hello~I agree, it is good for him to see his GP, many times there is nothing to worry about, the issue could be due to infection and even allergies,but the physician will be able to determine the cause and then take it from there.
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Oh, I assumed it was you.  Apologies.  Yes, have him see his doctor to discuss this and be examined.  It is unlikely it is related to anything serious but better to make sure than not, right?  Please let us know how his doctor's appointment goes.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate you taking your time to answer.
Fingers crossed it's nothing serious.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Sorry you have this to wonder about as all things we are unsure of with our health can be a source of worry.  It's always recommended that you see your doctor for examination and discussion.

Lymph nodes most of the time is the bodies natural way of dealing with various things.  How long have you had the lymph nodes?  Are they new? They can be a sign of illness either past, present or future.  When we are about to come down with something, our lymph nodes can react.  This is a sign to begin taking care of ourselves with extra rest and drinking of fluids, etc. And if we have been sick, the lymph node that has enlarged can last for a fairly long time. People can have a reactive lymph node after a vaccination.  Some medications, while rare, can cause a lymph node to swell.  And the obvious fear of things like cancer causing this.  Remember, that for most people this is absolutely not the case but a thorough medical exam should be done.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/swollen-lymph-nodes/symptoms-causes/syc-20353902

Another possibility is if you are anxious.  This can also play a role in enlarged lymph nodes. https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/swollen-glands

So, please let us know that you plan to see the doctor and follow up with us with what is determined. We wish you the best of health.
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Thanks for your reply.
It's not my lymphnodes, but my boyfriend's. It makes me worry, cause they've been there for quite a while (and he has not been worring). One big, 2-3 smaller. Hopefully seeing GP on monday.
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