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Rectum/Anal bleeding

I have bleeding from my rectum when I strain having a bowel movement.  I have what my doctor calls a couple skin tags right at the anus opening.  He says they are not hemorrhoids. However, I am confused if not hemorrhoids...I can't determine where the bleeding originates.  Does anyone experience similar bleeding without the presence of 'rhoids and is it serious?
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Ok, the same exact thing happend to me and I thought it was h roids as well.  thats what he said they were, but that it was on the inside and had not come out.  I starting to get this severe burning feeling in my but, went back.  Turns out it was herpes. Said i could have had it for yrs w/o an outbreak since I had not been sexually active in yrs.

Because of the steroids weakining my immune system for my ms relaple, the herpes came out and in a major way.

It's embarrasing and I am ashamed but as soon as I started the Valtrex they went away.
It could also be Shingles.  That was another possibility for my but ruled out.  Shingles are little bittly blisters.  And Herpes is Bigger blisters all over.  From wat I hear, Shingles are smaller and allk around the same place.

Hope I Helped.  Good luck.

P.S. I have never heard of skin tags so I don't know wat those are

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Rhoids is really a minor disease, however the refusal of rhoids treatment can lead to other diseases. Chewing strawberry and raspberry can improve your condition.
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if you are confused about if its hemorrhoids ask your doctor if you can try preparation H, see what they  recommend.

Dont put it on tho, until your doctor says yes or no.

gud look.
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