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Red rash in buttcrack

For about four months I've had a red rash in my butt crack. It doesn't itch, just burns occasionally. Like a sunburn. I don't think it's yeast because I've used a full tube of anti-fungal cream without results. I've been to a dermatologist who said it was intertrigo, and that if I kept it clean and applied barrier creams, it would go away. However, I've been doing that and it's not improving.

I've also tried tea tree oil which seemed to make it better at first, and then worse the more I used it. I think it could be cellulitis (which I would probably need antibiotics for) because around the time it developed, I had nicked the skin while shaving which could have let in bacteria.

Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated!
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This is a moist area and very hard to keep dry.  But this is exactly what is needed.  Change whatever you can to obtain dryness, even to the extent of not wearing underwear or not dressing at all when in the house.  Use a blow dryer after bathing a couple of times a day.   I suggest you use Triple antibiotic, which is in a Vaseline base, and will keep moisture from getting to it.  Put it on after every bath at least twice a day.  If it is not gone in two weeks after doing this move on to use a product used for bad rashes called Boudrealux's Butt Paste.  I know, it is used on babies with bad rashes.  It will absolutely seal out all moisture.   If these fail ask you doctor to analyze it further because it will not just be a bad rash.  Now don't just jump over the triple antibiotic,  there probably is bacteria already involved.
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