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Sciatica - almost only pain when sitting?

I can do 1 hour of cardio/weight lifting and go for a 1,5 hour walk with my dog afterwards, no pain. Then I sit down, and suddenly I get these  "electric shocks" in my hip.
I can't provoke it no matter how i curl my leg around, only by sitting for some time.

So.. I've been to a chiropractor, who wasn't conpletely sure, but thought it might be my left n. ischiadicus. I've done some new streatching recently, and might have overstreatched..
He found are sore point in my lower back too. I didn't know, I had a sore spot there.

But could this be it..? Or is it not right that I don't have pain when exercing?
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Hello~I was going to suggest you see a chiropractor as well, I am glad you did, they are very helpful in areas such as this. Perhaps when you sit, you are compressing certain nerves. I have read articles that say when a person sits to much, this can happen. I would try putting heat on the area and doing gentle stretches, as your chiro for ones that help that area. Oh, and did he by any chance mention the Psoas muscle" this can definitely cause more pain sitting than standing or walking.

I noticed that he found a "sore spot" in your lower back, that can also cause some of the pain you are having. So often a patient will see a chiro for one problem, but then find out there are others that are actually linked to it as well.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  You should see a regular doctor beyond a chiropractor.  While they can be helpful in an adjunctive way at times, they are not trained to give a medical diagnosis as a medical doctor is.  There scope of knowledge is limited. I can see why you'd see a chiropractor though for this type of pain situation. However, since he is unsure and hasn't helped, it would be best to speak to your physician.  

Sciatica is from a compressed nerve.  That you don't have the nerve issue when exercise would possibly mean that the nerve is not compressed at this time.  If sciatica is your official diagnosis.  https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/guide/sciatica-symptoms.  That is some information about the condition.  Stretching does often alleviate the issue.  

You could, however, be having issues with your hip flexor not related to sciatica.  There is blood flow in that area that you may be compressing when sitting perhaps.  Your problem could be FAI: femoroacetabular impingement. FAI occurs when the labrum, a thick cartilage that acts like a bumper cushion around the ball and socket hip joint, tears away from the socket. It’s usually the result of deformities or an injury. The pain from this can be felt in the groin area and the outer hip.

So, I'd see your doctor to discuss what the reason behind this pain and electric shock feeling could be.  Let us know!
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Thanks for your reply.
I did see a GP, he was lost about it too. He sent me home to wait and see if it vanished on it's own. My chiropractor was actually more helpful.
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