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Self harm scars: Will my doctor do anything?

Okay, so I'll be getting a checkup on the fourth, and I've got some scarring on my thigh she hasn't seen before.  She's extremely, EXTREMELY thorough--she won't miss them.  They are very light and superficial, except for three that did turn into keloid scars.  I'm going into school. Dorming, I can't wait.  I've had light visits with therapists, all short lived and something I decided wasn't for me.  

Well, fast forward years, I met someone who turned out to be AWFUL.  But I was scared to say anything to anyone, and I was afraid of them, and it was awful and I turned to the aforementioned self harm.  It was brief, because I looked at what I was doing and was like, "Okay, this needs to end." And I stopped that and I left them (forever).  It's in the past.  But I haven't seen my doctor since then, and therefore, they haven't seen the scars.  They're healed completely, and I don't intend on making any more, but I'm terrified to show them!  I figured I could just leave some shorts on.  (She tells me to go down to my underwear, but I'm sure some shorts would not be awful?)  But part of me would rather just let her know instead of having to worry about hiding them every time I go.  The only thing being that I'm terrified she'll alert my school that I've got emotional problems or something and I either won't be able to go, or they'll want me in for appointments or something all the time.  I don't want my file tagged as a problem case... I just want to go to my school happy, healthy, and ready for anything.  I don't want it to get messed up because I was really low a year or two back.  I'm fine now, and I'm scared it's going to screw everything up.

So I'm asking anyone who's had experience with this, or any professionals who would know: Should I hide it, or show her?  They're healed and it's in the past, so will she flag me going into school as needing help?  
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It depends on how long it's been since you made the cuts, and if you plan on doing it again. There is patient confidentiality, unless you are at risk of hurting yourself or others. You seem like that time is behind you, so she might see them, ask you a few questions, and leave you alone. When you visit again, she'll ask about them, but there won't be any carting off to psychiatric hospitals here. She may recommend therapy, though. She might offer you help, or give you a psychiatrist to see if you have depression, or the likes of that, but no drama.
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It's been almost exactly a year.  I'm thinking I'll just try the "I'm leaving my shorts on." thing, and see if she protests.  I don't have a problem telling her, as long as it doesn't interfere with my schooling.  I doubt she'd hospitalize me, considering I know people who HAVE been a danger to themselves, told someone, and still been let go. I'm not a danger to myself.  I know that, and sometimes I might be a little depressed, but that's because I wasn't where I wanted to be.  I'm exactly where I want to be now: going to school for the thing I've dreamed of doing for forever.  I don't need some stupid little patch of scars screwing all of that up for me.  They were the effect of a horrible person, and a horrible relationship.  I'm not going to allow that to affect even MORE things in my life.  I'm not letting it happen that the person gets to bleed their awful effects on the very thing I love the most.  I'm gonna refuse therapy, if she suggests it. I'm moving, I will not have the time or money, or the want.  I'm just still nervous I won't be able to skate by without her seeing them.  Or that if I initially hide them, I'll look more "guilty", even though I would think it's a pretty normal reaction to hide such a thing.
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It's been a while. Don't worry, nothing will happen. Good luck!
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I think perhaps you might be psyching yourself out. Talk to your doctor about what happened, and let her know what was going on when it happened. If you're scared about it, just tell her that you haven't done it since, and how scared you were to let her know. I think she'll be happier to know that you told the truth instead of hiding it.
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