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Should I see a doctor

Okay so last night I punched the wall and immediately felt horrible pains shooting through my left middle finger joint knuckle closest to my wrist and the same on the finger to its right. My hand is swollen and bruised. It hurts to move it. It hurts the most when ball a fist and write. When you touch the bone on my middle finger knuckle thing it feels as if it's crumbling and it feels very spongey. Whenever someone brushes up on the side of my hand between the middle and finger closest to the thumb I feel horrible pains shooting tbrough that side of my hand. When I spread my hand apart its not as far as my right and those 2 fingers lean to the right. When i make a fist my knuckle has no point. It's like a flat surface. What should I do?
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Hi Please go to the ER get Xrays done to see the damage , take care
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Any idea what or if anything could be wrong? My parents are saying I'm fine and nothings wrong and I don't need to see a doctor because I have full motion it just hurts pretty bad, and the spongy texture, and the spreading. Any suggestions ?
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Put your fingers in a splint and wrap it up also apply ice for the swelling
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I woke up and the spony feeling is gone it must've been fluid. But my whole hand still hurts when I move it around. My knuckle is warm to touch and when I feel around it doesn't hurt as much because I'm expecting the pain, but when I do it feels like its chipped or something. My mom says since I can move it nothings wrong, but should it still hurt and feel like it's dented or chipped ?
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Do you need your mother's permission to go get the hand xrayed?  We can discuss your hand until the cows come home but only an Xray will tell you if its fractured.  One good reason to go is that if it is broken and it heals a little crooked, you may have lots of problems with it in the future, You tend to rely on your hands functioning flawlessly for a lifetime if possible.  Oh, and in the future, think first, act second.  Never a smart move to punch a wall,  next time try a mound of pillows.
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