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Small mass above jawline, reduced but present after antibiotics, what is it?

I've had this mass for a month or two. At first, it seemed like a pimple (pimple with a head) but it would not go away and my cheek looked swollen. I went to see my GP, she said it was a low grade infection and she prescripbed antibiotics. After the treatment the swelling was gone but now and the mass greatly reduced in size, I still a really small mass. Half of  a pea. And it seems to swell a little bit from time to time. What can this be? It's painless and moves with the skin. Thanks

P.S. I am a non smoker and 23 years old.
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This could be a small sebaceous cyst or an acne cyst.
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thanks for the answer, should I worry about it?
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More than likely, it is nothing, but, if you are concerned, seeing a dermatologist would be helpful in alleviating your worries.
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I have the same. Below the jawline though. Started as a spot that I couldn't burst so left it alone it slowly reduced and went away over about a month or so. I'm left with a very tiny lump in my skin however. I'm seeing my GP on Friday but I do feel a bit foolish about doing so as its so small.
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how did it go?
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