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Soft popping sound left ear?

Hi guys,

As per titled — I’ve started hearing some soft popping sound (sometimes same beat as heartbeat) occasionally since this afternoon.

I read online it could be Tinnitus or  Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.

I have been highly stressed and anxious for the past 2 weeks (constant worrying / increased heartbeat) — could this have caused it?

Really worried! Please advise!
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This may be eustachian tube dysfunction which I have. When you lay down do you hear a swooshing sound like ocean too?  that's another sound.  Here is  link to the anxiety forum:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Anxiety/show/71
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You can also find it at the top tool bar under communities.  It's either going to come up in a drop down box or you can go to full communities and pick from the A's.  :>)
Saw the GP today and identified it as stress / anxiety. It has stopped and lets  hope it doesn’t happen again! As shared with Sassy, I’ve been in very bad stress for the past 2 weeks which triggered the pulsing in my ear.

Thanks for directing to the forum. Definitely hope to learn more methods to control the anxiety.
Oh, okay.  I'll see you on the anxiety forum then. :>)
Thank you :)
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Hello~It does sound like Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I would think that possibly high anxiety could cause it, it certainly can cause other upsetting conditions. I have had that feeling at times, usually when stressed and it does go away.

I would worry about it unless it gets worse or you get other symptoms as well, in that case, I would suggest that you see your GP.
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Hey Sassy, thanks for taking your time to reply!

Good news is - it was temporary (Friday night). I did go to my GP and get a consultation, it was concluded that it’s stress / anxiety. (Blood pressure is within normal range).

Will need to learn to manage my stress / anxiety a bit more. It was the first time experiencing it and certainly a scary one!
I am glad it was nothing serious, anxiety can really mess with our health. I know that feeling of being scared of weird feelings, it is awful. I hope you find some ways to deal with the anxiety.
I have been in distress for the past 2 weeks over an incident, and it’s not for another 2 weeks till I can test.

For me - It’s the feeling of helplessness (not being in control) and not able to do anything but wait while I kept trying to recall / confirm certain activity.

How do you deal with anxiety? Any advice?
I don't handle anxiety well at all. I did find a couple of books that really helped by Dr Claire Weekes called "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" and "Peace from Nervous Suffering". Try are terrific, I think they can be purchased still through Amazon. I also try watching favorite TV shows,play around on Facebook, and prayer helps too. That helpless feeling is awful, I think most people with anxiety experience it.

We have a great forum for folks with anxiety,I have posted there at times.

Do you have any hobbies, that can help as well.
Thanks for the suggestion, will check the books out.

I do play sports and watch tv and all, but it’s quite difficult for me to be into it. I have the tendency to keep thinking about it otherwise I’ll feel even worse. This I know is bad and I’m slowly trying to pull myself out.

Can you share more about the forum?
It is in the "Anxiety" community. People there post questions about their anxiety, panic, meds, etc. Some of the advice is very helpful. You can find it by looking under communities or going to my page and click on "anxiety" I also have posted a blog about anxiety symptoms.
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